Brian L Katz

Commercial real estate

Brian L. Katz is a commercial real estate mogul who became well known because of his success in the commercial real estate markets. Real estate investors from all over the country look to Brian L. Katz for commercial real estate advice. He is one of the CEOs of the American Real Estate Partners Firm. Brian Katz, along with his partner Douglas Fleit, began the American Real Estate Partners Firm in 2010, after decades of experiences with buying and selling profitable commercial real estate holdings.

Brian L. Katz is still actively involved, helping his partners succeed in investment real estate and commercial real estate buys and sells. Brian l katz has other experts in commercial real estate investing working under him. Together, they have acquired more than 4.2 million square feet of high quality commercial real estate holdings. Anyone that is interested in buying commercial real estate services will do well to consult with Brian L. Katz or one of his American Real Partners.

The key to success, according to Brian L. Katz, is to identify and access opportunities. The extensive knowledge that can be gained by the experience derived from Brian L. Katz really pays off. The American Real Estate Partners Firm can be counted on to increase your success in the commercial real estate investment markets. Brian L. Katz is one of the very best experts in real estate on the Eastern Seaboard. He has assembled one of the best teams there is. You can be sure you will get advice, insight, ideas on multiple strategies and more when you partner with American Real Estate Partners Firm.

Katz and his investment firm believe in conservatism when it comes to investing in real estate. You can be assured risk management is assessed and steps taken to lower risks in all transactions. Even though their strategy is conservative, Katz and his team are aggressive when it comes to implementing their collective strategies. If you are looking to maximize the value of your real estate investments, look no further than Brian L. Katz and the American Real Estate Partners.
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