What Can You Do With A Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney for property

Some things are simple, like getting up and brushing your teeth or deciding which outfit to wear to work today. However, some things require more planning and have much more repercussions if they are not done properly. In the eyes of the courts, the power of attorney is right up there with the law and with that has responsibilities that are legally authorized and allowed to be completed by them with the authority of the same person who originally signed the power of attorney papers as well the court that allowed the paperwork to be processed.

There are many estate planning for dummies options when it comes to completing power of attorney paperwork, some of the more expensive ones are to use other people, such as a attorney’s office, which can help you complete estate planning forms, as well as many other legal form needed, but most do tend to charge by the hour and some even charge a flat fee regardless of what they are doing.

After the Power of attorney paperwork is filled then the person who was named the power of attorney can start overseeing all matters that pertain to the person who requested it to be completed. For instance if you became ill and could no longer make decisions on things such as bills, end of life care or even on things pertaining to medical conditions and Medicaid questions, since medical questions are established under HIPPA without proper documentation it is illegal for information to be provided to unauthorized persons, which if you were not given the authorization to act as a power of attorney on behalf of someone would mean that you could not be assisted and if you were it wouldn’t be because you were being assisted legally.

Even power of attorney has its limits on when it cannot be used anymore. When the person that had a power of attorney, as soon as he or she is pounced dead, the power of attorney paperwork is null and void, since there are no more needs that have to be filled by the person who is dead. After death is the time when the estate planning paperwork takes over along with the will and the final wishes and requests that were left by the deceased are carried out as they requested. Usually all of these papers are created and filed at the same time to submit to the court.

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