Earn Anarchy Online Credits by Spending Actual Money

Man pulls dollarsAnarchy Online is a popular game that came out around 2001. Since then, the MMORPG has released 4 expansion packs and become the home to a community of close to 10,000 as of 2006. Anarchy Online is somewhat dated compared to other, newer Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. The in game currency used is called Anarchy Online credits and there are a few ways to acquire them. To explore the various ways of collecting Anarchy Online credits, start by searching for Anarchy Online web communities or an online marketplace that focuses specifically on online credits.

The first way to acquire Anarchy Online credits is the obvious one: play the game. Anarchy Online takes place 30,000 years in the future so technology is advanced, the struggle between humans and aliens is always present, and the overall idea is to choose a side and step into the battle for Earth. Completing missions is the most straightforward way to acquire online credits in the game. Anarchy Online credits are treated like currency in the aspect that any item a player has, he or she can easily sell to computer controlled characters or establishments to earn more credits. Most MMORPG have some sort of global currency to even the playing field amongst players.

The other way to obtain Anarchy Online credits is to purchase them, outside of the game and using real money. For example, reports indicate that 100 million Anarchy Online credits were selling for $20 USD. The same report suggests that, on average, it would take a beginner 3 hours to earn a measly 600 Anarchy online credits. So, as you can see, the ability to purchase Anarchy Online credits now becomes a power play of who has the money in real life. The trend follows throughout the MMORPG universe, giving players the ability to ‘level up’ and upgrade weapons at the expense of real world transactions.

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