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When I talk to my non gaming friends, I sometimes realize several things that the non gaming world are unaware of when it comes to gaming. These differences can often be quite humorous from the perspective of a hardcore gamer who cannot understand how someone can manage to be ignorant of even the more simple gaming references. I will be honest with you here, I am not the gamer so much in our relationship, my girlfriend is the one who can play long into the night while I am off reading a book or playing with cats. So many of these mistakes and missed references have been my own! Anyway, here is a quick list.

First, non gamers often do not understand the concept of online credits. I was telling someone the other day about where to get anarchy online credits for the best price, and they did not have a clue what I was talking about. What were anarchy online credits? Was I trying to promote the end of democracy in the free world? Of course I was not, at least, not right then. No, it is not that type of anarchy online credits.

Second, non gamers never understand acronyms, even after you explain them five thousand times. To them, MMORPG does not translate to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, it translates to what in the world are you talking about, is that a digital monster? Or like dungeons and dragons? It seems like for too many decades, D and D has been one of the only geek references non players have ever understood.

Third, this is not so much a misunderstanding as a really awkward conversation, but you know that popular game where you basically spend hours trying to steal cars and kill people? I was over at the house of my aunt and uncle when my uncles Colombian nun aunt came to visit. She saw me playing that and, let me tell you, it was so not worth explaining to someone holy that it was a long time before I picked up the controller to play that again.

Overall, my gaming mishaps have been pretty mild compared to some of the stories I have heard, though anarchy online credits, MMORPG, and shooting killing stealing games do lead to a lot of common miscommunications. What are your stories?

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