Buying Bank Owned Property

Bank reo list

Buying bank owned property can be a boon for investors at the right place at the right time. When a bank takes back a foreclosure, it has the ability to take complete control and to negotiate all liens and sales. These bank owned property listings usually represent a good deal for those that can buy the bank owned properties for sale.

Finding properties through a foreclosed home search can be challenging when competing with other investors since they are not necessarily publicly listed like other properties. These REO property listings are typically sold on an as is basis since they may have liens and renovations necessary prior to someone else moving in. This fits in the strategy of buying bulk REO packages that are used for income generation through renting or flipping.

In addition to buying bank owned property, investors may want to consider distressed properties where owners need to sell quickly. Frequently, these are like buying bank owned property since the owner has to move fast and may be willing to sell at a considerable discount. They may already be in default with their mortgage and helping them catch up as part of the deal can create further discounts in negotiating.

Approximately one third of all home sales from 2008 to 2011 were considered distressed sales. This means that investors were able to snap up significant assets through buying bank owned property and similar listings. This surge in the marketplace for distressed properties resulted in the National Association of Realtors creating a certification program for short sales and foreclosures in 2009.

Using a certified Realtor may enable you to find more opportunities for buying bank owned property. The ability to move fast and find potential property listings can help investors maintain their preferred income streams without facing traditional competition from other opportunity buyers. Visit here for more:


  1. Speed is a major factor here, if I cannot find the right houses when they are available then I have to pass.

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