Being Familiar with your Auditing Service

Audit related services

Having premium audit services for your company would not be a bad idea. You need a strong accountant with excellent business advisory services to make sure you getting your taxes, and accounts well taken care of. Business advisers are great because the can help your company evaluate and identify certain risks that may be associated with important decisions.All countries do things a little differently, though. For example, China’s major tax laws are passed by the Peoples Congress. Not only that, but their regulations are being upheld by the state council. Maybe this is something to look into. After all, from 2009-2012 the GDP growth rate in China went up 9.1%. Advisory business services China has to offer are obviously different than what is set up here in the US. Charitable donations are tax deductible in China for up to 35% of assessable profits. Not that high in the US, however. Also, in China, a qualified high tech corporation is eligible for a CIT rate of 15%. Premium audit services are highly value in China, and maybe they should be more highly valued here in the US as well if we would like to have some of the same effects that China has going for themselves. Continue reading here.

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