Why Small Pharmacies Deserve More Than a Regular Old POS System

Point of sale solution

A good POS system (point of sale system) is the backbone behind a successful pharmacy, but independent pharmacy owners are starting to realize that generic retail POS systems aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. More pharmacy owners are learning that researchers have developed brand new POS systems specifically with small pharmacies in mind, and they’re starting to wonder if investing in a pharmacy POS system is really worth it.

The answer? Definitely. Here are just a few ways that pharmacy POS systems offer better services and features than conventional POS systems:

  • Pharmacy POS systems are capable of handling regular POS needs (like purchases, returns, and product inventory), but they can also keep track of extra things like customer loyalty programs and prescription discount cards. These features are often the reasons why customers choose to go to national chain pharmacies, which are able to afford complicated POS systems, and if local pharmacies are able to offer the same services, customers are more likely to support their local business instead.

  • Some pharmacy POS manufacturers provide mobile POS services, which make use of handheld digital devices rather than conventional cash registers. These systems are particularly useful for pharmacists because they allow pharmacy staff to spend less time behind the counter and more time actually interacting with customers. Transactions can be performed anywhere in the store — even in the parking lot! — and pharmacists can access a patient’s prescription records on the device in order to provide better personalized suggestions for over-the-counter products (like vitamins, cold medicine, etc.)

  • And finally, security is always a top concern (especially with so many security breaches in major national chain stores). Not only do newer pharmacy POS systems come with high-tech security features and data encryption capabilities, but they have an electronic signature capture feature which allows prescription drug sales to be recorded and saved safely.

But don’t take our word for it — tons of independent pharmacy owners have already taken advantage of these new POS systems. If you happen to be one of those owners, make sure to let us know in the comments section why you decided to invest in a new POS system for your pharmacy, and what your favorite feature is. Continue reading here: www.rm-solutions.com

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