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Structured settlement annuity benefits

Get Settlement Money Now!

While it’s not something any of us want to consider, you could get hurt, you could get hurt at work. You may have to sue your employer or a doctor. In fact, lawsuits brought by employees have quadrupled in the last two decades. The good news is, about 80 to 90% of these cases settle (who wants a drawn out law suit?), and the average work related lawsuit settles for $150,000. And when it comes to medical malpractice, in 2013, lawsuits against doctors for poor medical practices paid out more than three and a half billion dollars.

So You’ve Won A Settlement, Now What?

When you win a large settlement you’re faced with a decision, lump sum versus annuity. A lump sum, obviously, is an amount of money you get up front, while a structured settlement annuity pays off with set amounts over time. Don’t you want to get settlement money now?

The 3 Biggest Downsides of Structured Settlements:

    If the company or person(s) responsible for making the payments goes broke, you could loose the unpaid balance of your money.
    You could be barred from public benefits later in life, such as Medicare and Medicaid, unless the money has been properly protected.
    No matter what protections are built into the settlement, changes in the economy could affect how well the annuity payments work out.

7 Reasons to Get Settlement Money Now

    Get your money immediately!
    Start using your at once!
    Invest the money sooner, potentially getting a better rate of return!
    Pay off existing debts sooner or perhaps even altogether!
    Any costs related to medical bills would be covered immediately!
    In cases where as settlement will end, getting cash for your structured settlement may provide additional resources for your family, giving them more security.
    Inflation will not affect the amount paid out.

And if you’ve already agreed to a settlement, that’s okay, you can get cash for your structured settlement! 92% of people who sell structured settlement payments are happy that they did! They’re not waiting for the next sum to come to help them pay down debt, or perhaps put a down payment on a new home. They have their money.

Now what are you going to do with your money? To see more, read this.

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