Why Are YOU Interested in Selling Your Annuity?

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Annuities — for some people, they can really work. For other people, annuities are just the worst.

If you’re stuck in an annuity and you’re thinking about selling your annuity, you’re probably looking for some reassurance that selling an annuity settlement is a safe process and is a smart decision to make financially. While the advantages — and disadvantages — of annuities really depend on a person’s individual financial status, it’s not hard to think about why you might want to sell your annuity and how you could really benefit from receiving your money all at once.

Many people benefit from selling their structured settlements or annuities because they want to make a big investment or a big purchase, and they simply can’t afford to wait a period of 25 years in order to make that investment. Going on a vacation, buying a home or a new car, or going back to school all require a large amount of money up-front — an amount which you might not receive if you’re getting smaller payments.

Plenty of other people decide that they would benefit more if they invest their payments into the stock market or into a business; unlike annuities, which really aren’t investments at all since the money doesn’t increase, depreciation in value isn’t an issue with alternative investments.

When you choose to sell your annuity, it doesn’t matter if you originally bought it as an alternative retirement fund or if you chose to receive lottery payments in the form of an annuity. Even more importantly, it doesn’t matter what you want to do with that money, since it’s your money and you have the ability to spend it, invest it, or hide it away as you choose.

And really, when it comes down to it, having the ability to control your own finances is what really matters.

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