3 Ways To Get Cash Now If You’re Facing A Financial Crisis

Cash for settlement now

Between living expenses, car payments, medical bills, and other debts to modern life, there could be a number of reasons that you need a quick cash option right now. Although it can be easy to panic in the midst of a cash crisis, there are a number of ways to get quick money to cover your cash needs. Below are a few of your best options, and if some of you are thinking “this would never work,” you would be surprised at what’s negotiable if you would only ask:
1. Delay some payments.
Obviously this has to be done with some finesse and prudence. It’s probably not a good idea to delay the credit card payment with the 12% interest rate for example, but if you’ve paid your rent on time for 10 years straight, it might be worth giving your landlord a call and asking if they will accept a reduced amount or a delayed payment on the 1st. At the very least, take comfort in the fact that you’re probably not the first person to ask; over 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and over half the country couldn’t cover an unexpected expense if it came rushing up to bite them.
2. Sell a few assets.
Don’t roll your eyes at us! We’re not talking about high finance here. No need to own Park Place on the Monopoly board of life. An asset doesn’t have to be something big like a house or a car. It could be something simple, like an old gold bracelet you never wear anymore, the cumbersome solid oak chest of drawers sitting in your attic, or your outdated phone. Thanks to the internet, it’s really easy for sellers to meet buyers fast, so do some Craigslist searching and see what you can get rid of.
3. If you have a structured settlement, work it.
Maybe you were hit by a car a few years back, or won a sweepstakes. The settlement you won was nice and all, but the $50 check in the mail every two weeks just isn’t cutting it right now. Or maybe, you are in the process of a long lawsuit but you can’t hope to see any cash for years. Not so. There are law firms that can help you negotiate a lump sum pay-out (the definite preferred method of payment across the board). If you’re currently fighting a legal battle, you can also look into pre-settlement cash options. Pre-settlement cash could be achieved by taking out a loan against your possible win. Pre-settlement cash is also possible if you find a lawyer who believes your case is strong enough to try to speed the process along.
Don’t panic. You have options. Make sure to comment below with your situation. Let’s help each other out!

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