Cover Monthly Expenses and Live a More Comfortable Life by Selling Your Structured Settlement

Reduce debt

It seems as if the cost of living in America goes up with every passing year, and you may find that your monthly expenses are beginning to become a bit much. If you’re struggling to cover these monthly expenses and want to improve your financial situation, you should consider selling your structured settlement for a huge lump sum.

By receiving cash for your structured settlement, you can do the things that most people only dream of. It will allow you to manage your finances better and provide you with the capital you need to live a comfortable life. If you’re swamped with debt like most Americans, a lump sum can help you clear it all in one fell swoop. Here are three reasons that so many settlement recipients are selling their fixed payments for a huge lump sum:

  • Pay for higher monthly expenses. Getting cash for structured settlement payments is preferred to fixed monthly payments because it can help you escape the daily grind of living paycheck-to-paycheck. Over 40% of American families currently spend more than they earn, and it’s hard to get ahead in life when you’re using fixed payments to pay for bills. When you get a lump sum, you can cover monthly expenses and still have money left in the bank.
  • Eliminate debt. Perhaps the biggest problem facing Americans today is debt. In total, American consumers owe a whopping $11.91 trillion in debt. If you find yourself as part of this statistic, it’s time to make a change and start with a clean slate. Selling your structured settlement will give you the capital to clear high-interest debt and improve your credit score.
  • Start a better life. Everyone has different goals in life, and whether you want to start a business or buy your dream home, a lump sum payment can help you achieve your dreams. The Kauffmann Foundation estimates that the average cost to start a business is approximately $30,000, and buying a home is much more expensive than that. You can build a brighter future for yourself by selling your structured settlement and using the money to reach your wildest goals.

If you’re tired of falling behind on monthly expenses and finally want to get “in the black” for once, consider selling your structured settlement or annuity for a huge lump sum. It could be the best decision you ever make.

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