Are You Looking to Purchase Your First Investment Property?

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Your dad is some what of an exception. He has lived a very prosperous life, but he has never owned a house. He and your dad did own a mobile home for 13 years, but the fact that they moved that house at least three times during that time makes it feel like that was really not a house. After he and your mom were divorced, he rented a basement apartment on the outside of town so he could be close to you and your sister. The close location allowed him to take you to church on the Sundays when he was in town.
Eventually, he lived in a house with his second wife. When that marriage ended, he moved into a small one bedroom apartment, but spent most of his weekends back in his very small hometown, staying with his mother and helping her out with the things that she needed done.
Within a few months, however, he married his third wife and moved into her house. During the 12 years that he has lived in the home of his third wife, he has shingled the roof, paid to have all new windows installed, and purchased new wall to wall carpeting. This third wife, who is not nearly as healthy as your dad, has told you and your sister that she has willed the home to your father in the event that she dies first.
You hope that does not happen, but if it does it means that for the first time in his life, at the age of 85 or even older, your dad will own his first home. A permanent building that sits on a fairly large piece of property in the small town where he was born.
Although the majority of people who are in the financial comfort where your dad lives have owned some form of real estate for many years, your Dad seems to be the exception. He has lived for eight and a half decades and never owned a home. Obviously, he is not the person you go to when you need real estate investment advice. For while your father may have many assets to his name, his experience with real estate is very limited. For these reasons you and your husband have mostly relied on the advice of real estate investment firms when it comes to the home and property purchases you have made.
The Responsibilites of a Real Estate Investment Company Include Truthful Analysis of a Potential Property Purchase
Realizing that you might need some outside advice when it comes to purchasing your home or other real estate advice is certainly a reason to find an expert source of information. For many, relying on the responsibilites of a real estate investment company to provide honest evaluations of any property that you might be considering is the right decision. According to the ethics code that realtors sign, the responsibilites of a real estate investment company are pretty clear. Each state, in fact, clearly defines the perimeters of what is considered legal and what is considered illegal practices.
Consider these statistics about the real estate intents of Americans:

  • 3% of Americans consider themselves real estate investors and indicate that they will be actively buying property within the next 12 months.
  • 8% of Americans own investment property but indicate that they do not have current plans to buy more.
  • 26% of active American real estate investors indicate that they plan to buy as many properties in the coming year as they did in the past year.
  • 33% of real estate investors make more than $75,000 a year.
  • 39% of active investors indicate that they intend to increase their purchases in the next 12 months.
  • 51% of real estate investors indicate that they finance their property purchases with down payments of up to 50%

In today’s real estate investment climate it is important to take advantage of the responsibilites of a real estate investment company and the information they can provide. In a time when the nation awaits the results of the 2016 Presidential election, many predict that changing interest rates will be a part of the near future. These changing times indicate that it may become increasingly important to rely on the most informed sources.

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