Creating Your Dream House With Renovation Financing

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Purchasing a new home can be exciting, unless you have high expectations and a long list of requirements. Some buyers find it extremely difficult to locate the perfect property, one that fits all of their needs and within their pricing budget. These buyers may find it more customizable to build their home. This could include building a house from the ground up or purchasing a home that needs work and completely gutting and remodeling it. Although the financing will vary, there are ways to build a home that meets the buyers needs spot on.

Conventional financing

Conventional financing is the same loan that you would take out for a home that you did not plan to do any work on. It generally has lower interest rates and is easier to obtain than other types of mortgages. Most buyers apply for a conventional loan through their primary banker or lending institution. The lender will provide the homeowner with enough money to cover the price of the house, but that is usually it.

The one difference you will find within conventional loans is the length of terms. Buyers who want lower monthly mortgage payments tend to go for a 30 year loan term. They will pay more in interest, but will pocket more of their money each month. Those who are more aggressive at paying down their mortgage at a quicker speed will opt for the 15 year mortgage. However, because most people buy their homes with a 15 year or 30 year mortgage, home equity prices have increased over time, and the amount of home equity people have increases as they get older. Some buyers may wait until they have enough equity to completely remodel their house.

Secured short term loans

A secured short term loan is popular in terms of renovation financing. It may be used when a conventional loan was taken out, and the buyer does not have money for the remodel. It may also be used when the homeowner does not plan to live in the home for very long, such as with an investment property. Renovation financing is often much higher in interest rates, and requires that the loan be paid back in a much shorter period of time. There may also be a hold on other properties or assets, in the event that the homeowner defaults on the secured short term loan.

Buyers who decide to take out a secured short term loan should have a plan for repayment. Whether the repayment plan includes quickly reselling the property, or obtaining cash from somewhere else, it is important that it be paid off as quickly as possible because of the higher interest rates. Most hard money loans are secured by a property with 30 to 50% equity, so the investor is well protected.

Renovation financing

Some investment mortgage lenders provide loans that are specific to remodeling. They may be for first time homeowners or they might accompany a conventional loan. The property is usually inspected and after detailed plans of the remodel are provided, the lender provides the homeowner with the renovation financing loan. This renovation lending loan differs in that it offers lower interest rates and longer termed repayment plans. Buyers also do not have to put up additional properties as collateral.

This form of renovation financing was developed to improve upon the high volume of foreclosed properties in the country. In 2013, there were 327,069 repossessions. Many of these houses were left in terrible condition and some were even inhabitable. The easy term renovation financings allows people who want to live in the house to remodel it with regular financing terms.

There are many reasons to invest in commercial real estate, as well as residential real estate. The real estate industry recently experienced an economic crisis, leaving thousands of properties in poor condition. Buyers who want to find the perfect house have more options than ever to purchase something at a great price, obtain a renovation financing loan, and then create something that fits all of their housing requirements.

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