Factors to Consider When Looking to Buy a Coin Counter

Cash management problems

Since the onset of paperless money with the likes of debit and credit cards, loose change has become a nuisance for many people. But coins are still accepted as currency and are used as a legal tender payment of certain amounts. The challenges experienced in handling large amounts of coins has led to the introduction of coin counter and sorter machines. These machines are among the greatest coin management solutions available today. They are primarily used to tally and separate large amounts of coins into different stacks of denominations.

Coin counters are often used retail stores, churches, casinos, banks, kiosks and in most vending machines. There is a wide range of coin counting machines for sale today, and they come with unique features for different currency management needs. If you are thinking about buying a coin counter, there are certain things you need to know. Here are few factors to consider to help you choose the right coin counter or coin sorter.

Hopper Capacity
The hopper is the upper section of a coin counter where coins are first dumped. Your choice of hopper will depend on the volume of coins and its usage. Large hopper capacity is ideal for high volume counting and sorting needs. Coin counters come if different hopper sizes and therefore you should make sure the counter machine can match the capacity you need.

Counting Speed
Before choosing a coin counter machine, you first need to determine the number of coins you need to count. Counting speed is usually measured in coins per minute. This is the amount of coins a machine can process per minute. Commercial coin counting machines are designed to handle high daily volumes, making them an ideal solution for future business growth. To avoid burning out the motor, you also need to consider the duty cycle a counter has. This is particularly important because not every coin counter can run at high speeds for 24 hours a day.

Anti-Jam Technology
When looking for coin counting machines for sale, ensure you pick one that has anti-jam features for continuous use. Like a majority of automated machines, electric coin counter, and sorters are prone to jam. Excellent cash counters will usually come fitted with anti-jamming features that self-fix jams. Some will even feature removable covers to allow manual fixing of stubborn jams.

Value Counting
Although coin counters are primarily known to tally and sort coins by its denominations, other sophisticated models have value counting capabilities. These models total the amount of coins sorted by value, denomination, and quantity. As a business owner, this feature in a cash counting machine will allow you to maintain 100% guaranteed accuracy for cash transactions. This will also reduce the accounting errors that often emerge when making manual calculations.

Coin Wrapping
Coin wrapping is yet another key feature you should consider in a coin counter machine. Manually wrapping coins after being sorted is equally tedious as manually counting. You can find currency counter machines that sort and automatically wrap coins. All you need to do is to place the appropriate denomination wrapper into its tube, and the machine will do the rest.

Other additional features you may need include batch counting, display, and record-keeping capabilities. These are the features to keep in mind when looking for coin counting machines for sale.

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