The Back Story of Anarchy Online

Anarchy online credits

Are you familiar with MMORPGS? MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role playing game. There are many games available now that are considered MMORPGS. One example of this would be Anarchy Online. Anarchy online is one of the oldest still running games in the MMORPG genre, having been run for eleven years so far. Your first reaction might be to think this is the type of game where concerned citizens attempt to overthrow their oppressive governments in pursuance of social and legal anarchy. Well, not quite. This game does not even feature an exclusively human cast. Players of Anarchy online use anarchy online credits to pay monthly play, expansion packs, purchases of weaponry and other advances. Anarchy online credits are bought with real money, generally.

The fictional plotline of the game revolves around a desert planet known as Rubi Ka. When plays sign on, they become colonists on this new planet. There is plenty of backstory before you even get to the game. The idea of the game is that the source of life on the planet was located deep inside the planet and created beings known as Xan. They eventually created powerful technology after discovering the power source at the center of the planet. As seems the eventual arc of any civilization, the build up of wealth caused greed and fighting. Their constant tampering with the source rendered it unstable, and the planet was ruined and ripped apart. The source and several people were thrown into the Shadowlands, an alternate dimension.

Thousands and thousands of years later, Rubi Ka is rediscovered and a corporation called Omni Tek receives a least on the planet. It is largely considered to be of little value. Until, of course, the discovery of a mineral known as Notum. Notum allows Omni Tek to make great advances in new technology, including revival of the dead. Colonists are imported in to work.

However, after five hundred years, things start to go sour. Scientists experimented on Colonists to see what the effect of Notum would be on them, and tried to biologically mutate them in order to make for better workers.

That is how things start, anyway, and that does not even scratch the surface of the game. If you are interested in playing, try to purchase anarchy online credits and start up a new account. It is possible to buy anarchy online credits with a credit or debit card.

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