Four Ways to Improve Your Experience with Anarchy Online

Anarchy online game

Are you a fan of science-fiction video games? What about those setup as massively multiplayer roleplaying games? If so, Anarchy Online is for you. This incredibly popular game incorporating mech combat has been around since 2001 and has drawn in a hugely loyal player community. If you are just joining the world of AO, or you’re a seasoned veteran, consider these five tips for making your gameplay experience the best it can be.

    1. Avoid Exploits


Even the most well written games wind up with errors in their code. These errors often give rise to exploitable holes in gameplay. Earning too much money or too much experience from a given quest, for example, is an example of an exploit. Finding that you can repeat a task for a highly valuable reward is another common example of Anarchy Online exploits.

You need to know that Anarchy Online’s Rules of Conduct strictly forbid players from sharing or using exploits in their day to day play. If you come across an exploit, report it to FunCom, the team behind AO. If you share or use exploits, you may be banned from further play.

    1. Use a Map


According to Euro Gamer, Anarchy Online is made up of 50 areas, each of which are nine square kilometers. That means the world is huge! Because of the sheer size of playable area, inhabited by Brutes, enemy mechs, and hostile players, you can get lost easily. An Anarchy Online map is a great resource for your survival and time efficiency. If the map offered in-game is not enough for you to navigate the world, consider finding an Anarchy Online map in Google to help you on your way.

    1. Use the Anarchy Online Wiki


Do you know everything there is to know about AO’s skills, breeds, species, and combat system? Some long time players certainly fit the bill, but if you are a newer player, you likely need a hand to understand everything the world has to offer. Luckily, the Anarchy Online wiki exists for exactly this reason. If you want to know about all the new mechs that were released with the latest update or you want to look up your skill build, head over to the wiki for the best Anarchy Online guide.

    1. Optimize Your Graphics


There is no doubt that for a while there AO was showing its age. However, in January 2013, according to Massively, the Anarchy Online graphics update was released. This brought the somewhat antiquated engine into the modern age. Mechs, combat, and dungeons never looked so good! To take full advantage of the update, however, you need to be sure your settings are optimized to make the world look its best and to be sure everything runs smoothly. You can use the built-in benchmarking tool and experiment with your settings to find the best results.

Both longtime players and complete newbies to Anarchy Online can benefit from following these four tips. Avoid exploits, utilize an Anarchy Online map and wiki, and optimize your graphics for the best in massively multiplayer online gaming. Happy questing!

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