Celebrating the Best People Does Not Take Special Planning

In your effort to celebrate your mother-in-law’s 78 trips around the sun and the wish for many more you scheduled a coffee to tell her in person all of the things that she has taught you. And while many of her relatives have already said so many wonderful things to her publicly on social media, you really want to talk in person. Your husband’s mother is an amazing human, a wonderful cook, an unbelievable mother, grandmother, and great grandmother and a terrific role model for everyone. She has nine kids, which in itself is an impressive accomplishment, and she is still the least judgmental person you have ever met. You simply want to make sure that she knows the things about her that you have appreciated the most.

She taught you, for instance:

  • When it comes to love the way to a guy’s heart is fried chicken.
  • When it comes to cooking everything can always use a little more salt, seasoning or maybe butter.
  • When it comes to housekeeping it is absolutely possible to keep a house clean while cooking for and entertaining 50 people. You may never master this truism, but you have seen your mother-in-law do it!)
  • When it comes to entertaining the more the merrier and all are welcome!
  • When it comes to marriage and money if a purchase is not over “x” amount of dollars, a husband does not even need to know about it! Unlike the clean house axiom, this is sound advice and your personal favorite that you follow religiously.
  • When it comes to family love with your whole heart and give them all you have. Support unconditionally, and remember that each day is a blessing because tomorrow is unknown Do not judge or preach, simply lead by example.

You are lucky to have married into this gigantic family your mother-in-law has created, and you are thankful for all she does.
An Unexpected Death During the Holidays Requires Difficult Work by Family Members

At the same time when many families are using the winter holidays to celebrate their loved ones birthdays and anniversaries, there are other families who are struggling with a completely different scenario. Untangling life insurance settlements, planning for end of life celebrations, and other details are certainly not the way anyone wants to spend their holidays, but death is a reality.

In a time when life insurance settlement companies are working to help their clients make use of the funds that they have while they are still living, there are also many families who work through complicated life insurance settlement options when a loved one has passed.

When it comes time for retirement or a career change, in fact, these are also times when discovering the value of a life insurance settlement can be beneficial. The consideration of selling life insurance policy for cash is an option that can, in fact, help many people achieve their retirement goals sooner rather than later.

It was clear back in 1911 when the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Grigsby v. Russell deemed life insurance policies as personal property. Since this time, policy holders have had some options when it comes to cashing out on a policy that may have initially been set up to serve the family members when a loved one dies. Basically, a life settlement transaction is when the seller, also known as the policy owner, transfers ownership and beneficiary rights of a life insurance policy to a buyer, also known as a licensed life settlement provider.

It is interesting to note that as many as 86% of life insurance policies will lapse without any benefit ever being paid. This means, of course, that nearly 14% of policy death benefits are ever disbursed. These are statistics that have many individuals and families reconsidering their insurance plans and benefits.

As the holidays approach and many families prepare to honor parents and in laws alike, it is also important to note that there are many other families who are not celebrating in the typical way. These families are planning end of life memorial services for loved ones who have passed. What are your plans for your current insurance policy and its value?

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