Life Can Change in the Blink of an Eye

Even though it snowed last night there are still a few kids walking to school this morning
Your goal is just to remind everyone who has kids who walk to school, to always talk to children about what to do in the event someone approaches them or seems suspicious. The endless talks paid off this morning for your family this morning.

Your girls left to walk to school this morning at the same time you were leaving for work. You were going up the street to the local station to fill up your work vehicle with gas before heading out of town for the day. You filled up, and then went in to grab a soda. A few minutes later, while still at the gas station, your oldest called you. She said there was an older man, she guessed he was in his 60’s, in a tanish grayish small pickup truck wearing an orange long sleeve shirt and what looked like a brown vest over it. They walk to school everyday and home, and she said she has never seen this truck before. Her sister had stopped to pick up some snow and was trying to make a snowball. While waiting for her sister, she set her saxophone down on the ground. She then noticed this man going very slowly by them, while watching them. After he got a little past them, he stopped but continued looking at them. A car came up behind him, and he drove off. He turned around and drove by them, watching them, and again, stopped. My oldest said that he began to roll the window down, so she hurried and pulled her phone out and called you immediately.

Fortunately, he then drove off. You literally peeled out of the gas station and rushed to where they were. You got them to school, then drove the entire neighborhood looking for this guy. You could not find him. A part of you wants to believe that people have great intentions, and maybe, just maybe he thought something was wrong and was honestly trying to help. Maybe when she pulled her phone out, he realized what it looked like and drove off so nobody called the police. Another part of me says it is just flat out suspicious.

Either way, this incident is a reminder that it is important to keep talking to kids and make sure they know exactly what to do in case something like this ever happens. They were very fortunate that it turned out to be nothing, but you cannot help but think about the “what-if’s.”

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