Slash Your Electric Bill With These Tricks

Who doesn’t love to save a buck here and there. One of the best ways to save is to cut down on your electric bill. In this video, you will learn some tricks to significantly slash your electrical bill.

Dish washers can use up a significant amount of electricity. Just ask electrical contractors. Thankfully, there is some things you can do to reduce these expenses.

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First, run your dishwasher in the morning rather than the evening. Many electrical companies charge you more during peak hours when electricity is more in demand. Conversely, they charge you less during off hours with less demand. Therefore, you can save simply by running your dishwasher in the morning instead of at night. Further, you can save more money by disabling the setting that has the dishwasher dry the dishes for you. Instead, simply open the dishwasher and let the dishes air dry. This will also save you some money.

Another trick is to use a microwave or toaster instead of your oven. Microwaves and toasters use up significantly less electricity than do ovens. However, sometimes the crispy effect of cooking something in the oven outweighs the slight cost savings. It’s really up to you and your preferences.


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