What Could Happen to Your Money When Youre Held Without Bail

held without bail

Getting arrested is a difficult moment for anyone. It puts a lot of stress on your relationships, work and finances. After the arrest, you need to think about what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail.

The judge typically sets your bail amount on your first court appearance. How much you’ll pay to post bail depends on the weight of your crime, criminal record, work status, and affiliations. But what if you can’t procure the required amount? The worst-case scenario is that the presiding judge could deny you bail.

Every moment spent in custody has a detrimental effect on your well-being. It’s therefore essential to take necessary measures to safeguard your interests. Follow these steps.

1. Your Options After Being Arrested

Generally, your options are influenced by several things. If you’re being held on a petty offense, you can post bail or wait for your court arraignment date. The presiding judge may drop your charges and release you on personal recognizance.

But this option is not smart, especially when running a business or losing money during absent working hours. Also, it would help if you reflected on what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail

You could decide to post bail the moment you can afford the bail amount. You could also call a family member or close friend if you can’t obtain the full amount. Bail bonds are a suitable option when the bail amount is too high.

2. Why Getting Out on Bail Is Essential

You’ll normally be scheduled for a bail hearing within 24 hours. However, with busy bail schedules and unexpected delays, it may take longer, up to 72 hours. So don’t take your chances when you’re in custody. Contact your defense attorney and let them guide you through the legal process.

It’s scary to think of what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail. Who knows how long you’ll remain in custody? It could be days, weeks, or even months before your court trial date. Your defense attorney can even the odds in your favor and help you sort your finances, assets, and business arrangements as you await trial.

Thanks to 24 hours bail services, you don’t have to wait too long before posting bail. Don’t worry if you can’t obtain the bail amount. Securing a bail bond from a trusted bond company is much easier, with your defense attorney handling the legal requirements for your contract agreement.

held without bail

3. How to Find a Bail Bondsman

Bail bonds are a lifesaver, chiefly when the set bail amount is high. It’s also convenient, as your bond seller will only charge you a small percentage of the total bail amount and pay the court in full. Then again, surety bonds aren’t the only type of bail bonds, so you need to look for a bail bondsman suited to your needs.

Consequently, consider the full impact of what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail. You’re temporarily cut off from access to your finances. Your accounts could be withheld if you’re held in custody for over six months.

You’ll have difficulty finding cash for your bail amount. Solicit the help of a family member, a close friend, or a colleague to help you find a good bail bond agent. A good place to begin your search is online. Check for reputable bail bondsmen near you.

Understanding the different requirements for bail bond services regarding upfront fees and contract offers is important. Some bail bond services accept property and personal assets as collateral. Property bonds are suitable when your bail amount is high or can’t be paid in full.

4. What Could Happen to Your Possessions When You’re in Jail

When you’re arrested and taken into custody, any personal possessions on you, including money, your cell phone, or jewelry, will be taken away and itemized. You can re-acquire these items once you post bail. If you can’t post bail, any assets of high monetary value in your possession should give you more reason for concern.

The court has the legal right to seize your property, investments, and other assets in your name, primarily when the charges against you are finance-related. Consider what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail.

If you’ve been accused of a financial crime, the court can withhold any money in your bank account. Besides, long periods of inactivity will lead to your accounts being frozen. If these actions don’t interfere with your money, automated transactions, such as payments to your credit card, will.

What’s more, you could eventually lose your property if no one else takes care of your rent or mortgage payments. Using your property as collateral for a bail bond won’t be possible at this rate. You could get emergency funds through the help of family and friends by selling high-value items to pawn stores. Still, it may not be enough to cover your bail bond expenses or guarantee leniency from the presiding judge during your bond hearing. This overwhelming uncertainty is why you need a defense attorney on your case.

5. Why It’s Hard to Get Legal Representation from Jail

Whether you’re faced with misdemeanors or serious charges, it’s important to enlist the services of a good defense attorney before your trial. Although a public defense attorney will be assigned to your case if you can’t hire one, there’s no guarantee they’ll be devoted to your case.

Criminal law is one of the most expensive and unforgiving areas of the judicial system, so you want a strong and reliable legal representative handling your case. Carefully think through all you have to lose. Of course, there’s the obvious concern of what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail.

When you don’t have consistent funding, jail is the last place you want to be. It’ll be very difficult to hire a criminal lawyer from jail, more so, a defense attorney with a high-profile ranking. Criminal law is also complicated, so unless you have a legal expert, there’s a minimal chance your charges will be dropped.

Second, there’s the shocking reality you’ll officially be subject to the criminal justice system. However, your defense attorney can convince the judge to drop all your charges or shorten your jail sentence during your trial. But you could have it far worse without legal representation.

Once you’re convicted, your defense attorney can also file for an appeal and re-evaluate the facts of your case. It may seem costly to hire a defense attorney, but it’s a better deal in the long term. Not only does your defense attorney handle your legal troubles, but they also safeguard your personal and financial interests.

6. How an Attorney Can Help You Get Out on Bond

Generally, bail bond services charge an initial fee and use collateral and a second party to vouch for your contract agreement, such as a family member. You can, therefore, secure a bail bond without the help of a criminal attorney, but is it a wise decision?

Criminal attorneys play an important role. They influence how much you’ll pay for posting bail, whether you’ll be allowed to post bail, and how fast you’ll get out of Jail. Your criminal attorney is certainly one of the first to contact you after you’re arrested and held in custody.

You could face serious charges and fail to meet the standard bail amount before your arraignment in court. On your bail hearing, your defense attorney can negotiate with the judge to drop some of your charges and, as a result, lower your bail amount.

Besides, good merit and a spotless criminal record may not be enough to release you on personal recognizance. The presiding judge is also likely to have you released on bond when you’re under the legal representation of a criminal lawyer.

It’s often difficult to access your finances when you’re in custody and facing a serious charge. Possibly, you’re thinking about what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail. But some defense lawyers can go the extra mile and post bond on your behalf.

held without bail

7. Taking Care of Business While You’re Out on Bond

Thanks to your defense attorney’s relentless efforts, you don’t need to spend another sleepless night worrying over what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail. You’ve secured a bail bond contract and are out for a limited period. You have to make the most of this time to put your work relations and business affairs in order.

If you’re employed, you have several routes. If you’re charged with a misdemeanor and facing a short sentence, you could ask your employer for a leave of absence. Also, utilize any vacation days you’ve accumulated.

Conversely, you can be straightforward and inform your employer about your situation. You could do it personally, through a letter, a trusted family member, or a colleague. There’s no guarantee you’ll keep your position when you’re released, but it’s one less burden.

When serving a long jail sentence, it’s wise to inform your employer. You can hire a notary to manage all your assets and investments if you have business associations. You could also grant power of attorney to your notary and ensure everything is in good hands.

8. Preparing for Jail Time

Unlike living a normal life, realizing you’re going to jail is frightening. However, your defense attorney has dealt with similar situations and will greatly help during your transition. You’ll have to take extra measures to protect your family’s well-being. In such cases, your defense lawyer may refer you to a dependable guardianship attorney who’ll walk you through your options for legal guardianship.

When convicted, you want to be assured your loved ones are okay. It’s an emotionally challenging time for parents. However, you still have legal custodian rights over your children and can choose an appropriate legal guardian.

A legal guardian will act as the primary caregiver for your child and ensure they grow in a stable, nurturing environment. A legal guardian also takes full responsibility for your kids’ welfare, including education, medical care, and any needs essential to their upbringing.

Legal guardianship can be temporary or permanent and is suitable for most parents. You have peace of mind knowing your children are under the care of someone you know and trust. Provided your preferred family member or close friend meets the court’s requirements for legal guardianship, they qualify for government benefits and support services.

9. Protecting Your Property

Awaiting trial has its fair share of challenges. You don’t know what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail. You could also be gone for a long time, so keeping your property safe is crucial. Because you’ll have no access and limited control, you could transfer ownership to a close family member or trustworthy colleague.

Remember, once you transfer your property’s ownership, the recipient isn’t legally bound to return ownership, so think carefully before making this decision. Suppose you make mortgage payments and have any due payments to your credit bank account. In that case, you also need a suitable financial arrangement.

Consult your notary for expert financial advice. Discuss how your assets and investments can generate a constant money supply to sustain your property. Owning a farm is also a lucrative monetary asset. When your farm is in operation, it can boost your finances while solving your farm property management concerns.

10. Protecting Your Possessions

Protecting your assets and investments is one thing, but your possessions are just as important. There’s no telling what could happen to your money when you’re held without bail. Some of your possessions could be expensive or irreplaceable. Thus, investing in a portable storage service is a good idea to ensure they’re safe.

Portable storage is reliable and convenient; a proper solution to safekeeping your valuables as you serve your jail sentence. Portable storage units are secure and kept in protected spaces with temperature monitoring to preserve the stored items. They’re also sizable, letting you store as many items as possible.

Rest easy if you can’t make bail and prepare for life in custody should matters come this far. Your family and friends can help you locate a suitable, portable storage company and safely store your most prized possessions there. Portable storage is a cost-effective, long-term solution to guard your possessions.

Being arrested and facing a possible jail sentence is everyone’s worst nightmare come true. Most are unsure of what to do after an arrest. Despite the challenges ahead, move expeditiously, as this could be the key to effectively solving your legal problems. Take your time and hire the legal services of a criminal defense lawyer.

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