How Expensive Will Cell Tower Leases Be in 2023?

It’s no secret that cell towers are integral to daily life for people all over the globe. Cell towers provide us with the service we need to access the Internet, do our jobs, and network as a society. However, cell towers are usually not owned by those who use them. In fact, they are usually rented or leased by cell phone network providers. The rental rates for each cell tower depend on several factors, including limitations to network, location, local jurisdiction laws, and more.

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In this informative video, we’ll take a look into the world of cell tower leasing, exploring existing tower leases and what you may be expecting to pay in 2024. Let’s get started!

This speaker provides valuable insight into the cell tower rental industry, stating that rental rates have been gradually rising in the past few years. He advises that long-term owners of cell towers that rent them out should take a close look at the yearly inflation rate to ensure that they aren’t losing money with their leases. The inflation to leasing price ratio should be verified annually. To learn more about the world of cell tower leasing, keep watching this informative video!


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