Eliminate Surprises at a Jewelry Buyer by Finding the Value of Your Gold

Where can i buy gold and silver bars

Though the price of gold has declined a bit lately, it is still highly valuable. In fact, a gold bar weighing just one gram is worth more than $40. As a result, if you need a bit of extra cash in a hurry, heading to the best place to sell unused gold jewelry near your home is a good idea. Selling gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other items might be tough from a sentimental standpoint, especially if items were given to you as a gift, but it can be a nice way to make some quick cash. Before heading to gold and coin buyers, however, you should take the time to determine what your gold is actually worth.
Step 1: Determine the Karat
Sometimes, if you use a magnifying glass, you should be able the karat value. If you can’t do that, you might have to figure out where to have gold appraised, but you can also do simple tests to make sure jewelry is not gold-plated. A simple acid test is all you will need to do that on your own.
Step 2: Calculate Weight
While it might stink to spend a bit of money on a jeweler’s scale, they generally cost less than $50. Regardless of specific price, they are vital for getting an accurate measurement of how much gold you actually have because they are made to be more precise than generic scales. Before heading to the best place to sell unused gold jewelry, an accurate measurement can help you be better prepared for what you might receive.
Step 3: Multiply
Depending on how good you are at doing math in your head, this step can require a calculator. But other than that, all you need to do is multiply the weight of your gold by the current price per gram. A simple Google search should turn up an accurate price.
Lots of people think they have thousands of dollars worth of gold only to find out that they will only receive a fraction. You might be able to negotiate a little bit, but you can make a much stronger case if you use this simple process before trying to turn your gold and silver into cash. Plus, you’ll be less likely to go home feeling disappointed. See this link for more.

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