Popular Financial Manager Jobs

Careers in corporate finance

Financial manager jobs are very popular for individuals in the business world with a background in accounting and finance. Careers in corporate finance are often considered a stable, successful route for business minded driven workers. Many jobs in accounting and finance have a ladder of positions that a career may flow in, gradually climbing in more senior level jobs. One of the most senior positions in corporate finance careers is a chief financial officer or director of finance. The chief financial officer is considered an important and trusted advisor in all aspects of the company.

What are the typical duties and the role of a chief financial officer in an organization or corporation?
Chief financial officers, or CFO for short, are in control of all of the financial decisions of a corporation. The chief financial officer works alongside other senior members of an organization, such as the chief executive officer, to make choices about financial operations that are in the business’s best interest. Chief financial officers also are primarily responsible for determining the monetary risks that may occur to the organization and working to prevent them as well as solve the problems if they were to arise. Financial planning for the business as well as detailed record making are also included in the chief financial officer job description.

What financial manager jobs might lead to a position as a CFO?
A variety of business related jobs could end in a chief financial officer position. Banking, financial, and accountant positions are all popular paths to the senior position of CFO. Accountants and financial analysts are considered very lucrative and high paying positions which add to their appeal to those who are business oriented.

What professional certifications assist in achieving a CFO position?
A high percentage of chief financial officers are certified public accountants, or CPAs, which further their qualification to oversee the financial aspects of large companies.

How does a qualified business professional get a position as a CFO?
Corporations often employ recruiters or headhunting agencies to find the most ideal fit for their organization. Often a combination of education and experience is considered when searching for the right candidate.

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