Three Easy Ways To Increase Sales in Your Pharmacy

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Managing any small business is difficult enough, but managing a small pharmacy can be downright overwhelming more often than not. The main issue is probably that you have to compete with large chain stores that seem like monster hybrids of pharmacies, grocery stores, and clothing stores all mashed into one. But another problem — and no one’s judging or saying that you’re superficial for being concerned about this — is that your pharmacy has to be successful enough and earn enough money to make it worth the time and energy you and your employees spend on running a small business.

With those issues in mind, it’s okay to admit that your pharmacy needs a little help as far as sales numbers go. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few simple tips that will help you get your sales up and make your customers happy to support your business:

  • First, if you don’t have a customer rewards program in place, it’s time to start creating one and offering a few extra perks to your customers. Yes, this could turn into quite a complicated project, and if you want to implement a rewards program that’s as complex as the programs offered in big chain stores, then it could get a bit pricey. But even a simple rewards program can go a long way.

  • Second, try setting up something, either in-store or out in the community, that encourages more interaction between your employees and customers. This could be something simple, like creating a small display with seasonal or new items that have been handpicked by your pharmacists and which encourage customers to ask questions and learn more about staying healthy. Or, it could be an event involving your entire staff, where you volunteer somewhere or serve as a sponsor for a local team/organization.

  • And third, think about investing in some new technology, like patient-friendly booths that measure vital signs, or even a new POS system for your store. These additions will seem expensive at first, but something like digital (or even mobile!) retail pharmacy POS systems come with features that will help you analyze sales trends and make transactions faster than ever.

Most importantly, be creative! Each pharmacy is unique and there isn’t one perfect solution for each store — and that’s what makes your business so valuable. Read more.

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