The Top Five Tips For Millennial Women Who Want To Budget Better In 2018

Financial health for women

2017 was a rough year for a lot of reasons…money being a major factor.

Becoming financially savvy is a great way to boost your self esteem and keep your wallet green. Creating a budget is a common New Years resolution for many and one you should consider taking up if you want to create the most stress-free year yet. Financial coaching for women is a great step-by-step program designed to pinpoint your unique problems and offer you solutions that yield results, rather than create lofty promises that only seek to bring you down. To create a better relationship with your financial health the list below will touch on the basic foundation of financial counseling, from encouraging self esteem to credit counseling.

Your Self Esteem And Mental Health Is Important

The trend of the exhausted-yet-happy worker is being revealed as more and more untrue. What’s the point of becoming financially stable if you’re only going to be miserable? A recent Bustle survey of over 1,000 Millennial women saw nearly 30% of respondents reporting they feel stressed about money every single day. Stress is a silent killer and can lead to short-term ramifications like a weakened immune system and long-term consequences like reduced cardiovascular health. When you reach out to a money coach you do more than just get acquainted with numbers. You get better acquainted with yourself.

You Deserve To Rest Easy And Be Confident In Your Future

Let’s keep talking about health and why 2018 should be the year you feel better in every sense of the word. A survey saw two out of three Americans will actively lose sleep at night thinking about the state of their finances. In fact, sleeping disorders (such as sleep apnea and insomnia) are one of the most rampant conditions facing adult Americans today. Your financial health is intrinsically tied into your emotional, physical and mental health and should be pursue actively throughout the year to make sure you’re living your best life.

Your Hopes And Dreams Are Always Just Within Reach

Do you worry you won’t be able to achieve your dreams? This is a common fear many American women are contending with, even those who feel they’re on the right track with a newly bought house or recently acquired used car. A survey provided by Bank Of America and USA Today found 40% of respondents admitting college ‘did not prepare them for the real world’. Much of what you dreamed about in high school or at university can seem out of grasp nowadays, not at all helped by your struggling finances. When your self esteem is in the pits, who do you turn to in order to make these visions true?

Don’t Let Fear Control Your Life

A little fear is healthy. It teaches us what we should avoid, guides us down a more fruitful path and makes sure we’re kept safe. Too much fear, however, has the completely opposite effect and keeps us from reaching our true potential. A recent online survey commissioned by NerdWallet saw 30% of Americans saying they are just barely making ends meet. How can you start a family or consider a path of entrepreneurship when you’re too busy splitting pennies over a bill? Financial health strategies will open all sorts of doors for you and yours, making that omnipresent fear just a little less scary.

The Benefits Of An Individual Finance Coach

Reach out to a financial literacy coach this year and learn what it truly means to be in control of your budget. You will be told to identify goals, no matter how large or small, to give you a better perspective on where your actions will lead you. This can be as monumental as having a baby or as simple as being able to pay off an extra bill without worry. A MassMutual study saw over 50% of middle class women saying they don’t have the financial knowledge to manage their budget properly, either losing money on their ventures or spending on the wrong thing entirely.

2017 may have gotten out of control, but 2018 still has the potential to be your year. Will you rise to the challenge?

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