5 Important Questions to Ask a Realty Company

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If you’re looking at real estate for sale, you’re going to need a good realty company. Whether it’s beach real estate, condos for sale, or luxury apartments you’re interested in, having the right realty company makes all the difference. Here are five important questions to ask when looking at a realty company:

  1. How many clients do you have? What you’re really asking is whether they have time to take you on. If a realty company has too many clients, you might constantly feel like your being tossed to the curb in favor of people looking in a higher price range. Make sue they have the personnel to help you, and ask if they work with anyone else that might be able to help.
  2. How long have you been selling real estate? Real estate is a commission business. This means that individual realtors aren’t likely to be staying in business if they aren’t giving good service. Also, a realtor that has been doing this for a while is unlikely to be flustered by the unexpected.
  3. Tell me about your team dynamics. A realty company will normally have a team of people working on several different things at once. This often works to the client’s advantage, but you do want to know the relationship you’ll have with the different team members. It can be disconcerting when you make all your initial arrangements with one person only to be contacted by a total stranger a day or two later.
  4. What areas and types of real estate for sale do you deal with? A realty company may specialize in selling homes or helping buyers, or they may do both. Ideally, you’ll want a realty company that either has lots of experience in both areas or specializes in helping buyers. Also, find out what neighborhoods they cover best. Because of the internet, some realtors try to understand too large a territory, while others are so focused on one small area that they might try to push you into a place that doesn’t fit simply because that’s where they have an opening. Look for a realty company that works both in and all around the main areas where you’re interested in buying.
  5. Do you have a list of vendors your recommend? Any good realty company will develop relationships with professionals in other related industries. They should be able to point you to inspectors, contractors, attorneys, insurance companies, moving services, and financial advisors that they trust and who know the area.

Buying property is a big decision. It takes patience and time to find just the right one among all the houses for sale. The right realty company can take some of the pain out of the process and ensure you find just the right property for your budget and your needs.

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