Common Mistakes in General Surgey Billing Coding

The medical billing process may seem quite complex to outsiders, especially when they learn that it involves coding. However, contrary to what you might think, it is not the same kind of coding as programmers use. In medical billing, different procedures have different codes assigned to them, and these codes are what are used to tell insurance companies how much they need to pay the medical practice. Different medical industries use different coding systems, for example, general surgery billing is different from pediatric. Mistakes do happen, and this video will tell you about some of the common errors that you should look out for in medical billing.

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With general surgery, there are some words coders should be aware of, since if these words are present then they will be coded differently. For example, open vs arthroscopic. Also, consider the different levels of bones in a spine as they get numbered differently than in other practices. Most of these mistakes will only really happen if the coder is not used to the specifics of general surgery.


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