How to Estimate the Cost of College

In this video, you will learn about annual tuition and how to estimate your child’s college costs. Going to college is a great investment for your child, but it is good to know roughly how much of a financial investment you are potentially making. College can also be one of the biggest investments you or your child can make. Over 2/3 of college applicants receive grants to help with the cost of college.

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For a 2-year public school, the annual cost of college is estimated at 3k. For a 4-year public, the annual cost is estimated at 9k. Then for a 4-year private, the cost is estimated at 31k. While these numbers are just estimates, that is just for tuition alone. You have to also take into account room and board, dining hall fees, and textbooks. Even with this taken into consideration, there are other expenses that should be taken into consideration as well when estimating how much college is going to cost. Grants and scholarships could be awarded for a variety of reasons. A lot of the time, they are awarded in financial aid. Which is technically a loan that needs to be paid back sometimes.

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