Do This 1 Thing Before Paying Your Roofing Contractor

When homeowners are getting a roofing job done by a roofing contractor, whether repairs or replacement, they often wonder when is the best time to pay them. According to experts in this field like, homeowners can pay the entire amount if they trust the roofing contractor, but the best model is making a down payment and then paying the remainder after the project is complete.

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However, there is one important thing that homeowners should do before making the final payment to their roofing contractor. What is this one thing?

According to the narrator in the video, before homeowners make a final payment to their roofing contractor, they should do a walk-around to see that everything is done as per the agreement. Obviously, when inspecting a roof after a roofing job, it’s not wise to do it from the ground. As a result, homeowners should climb on the roof using a ladder.
Why is inspecting the roof important? According to the narrator in the video, there have been many cases of contractors claiming they’ve completed the job only for homeowners to find the job partly done. This can be avoided by inspecting the roof before making the final payment.

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