4 Ways to Use Your Carport in The Summer

If you’re like one out of every four Americans, your garage is too cluttered to park your car inside. While having hobbies that you can work on in your garage is good, sometimes it is really helpful to have a place to put your car. So, here’s a double-edged question for you: how are carports and garages different?

A garage is generally attached to your home, and if it isn’t, it still has four walls. A carport typically has between zero and two walls and is a free-standing structure. This means it provides basic protection for your car from the elements and lets you use your garage as storage for more delicate hobbies that are less weather resilient. Carports are basically portable garages that you will actually use to store your car. Sound nice, right? Here are some other ways you can use portable buildings.

  1. Lemonade Stand
    If you have kids, help them set up a professional lemonade stand in the summer. Using the carport structure, you’ll be able to provide prospective customers with a nice shady spot to have a nice drink of ice cold lemonade.
  2. Garage Sale
    So you decided to reclaim your garage? Excellent! You can use your portable garage to display the items you want to sell. Like the lemonade stand, having a sturdy structure to showcase your garage sale items lends legitimacy to the enterprise.
  3. Party Tent
    Since your carport is a stronger and more durable version of the tents you see at outdoor parties, it will work wonders the next time you decide to throw a backyard BBQ bash.
  4. Yard Equipment Storage
    To prepare for your backyard party, you’re going to need to do some yard work. Luckily, you can use carports like storage buildings for your equipment.

From protecting your car in the winter time to selling lemonade with your kids in the summer, a carport is a versatile thing to have around. This way you get to keep your garage space as a warm place to work on important hobbies while simultaneously protecting your car from snow, sleet, and rain.

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